A look inside NOLO's Kitchen (and a sneak peek at Basement Bar)


Lots of light in the NOLO's space upstairs. Lots of bikes in the Basement Bar space downstairs. Emily Cassel

The North Loop's newest neighborhood hangout is now open -- and soon, it's getting a cool little downstairs sibling.

NOLO's Kitchen made its debut at 515 Washington Ave. N. yesterday. From co-owners Marty Collins, Brett Johnson, and chef Peter Hoff, the stylish, sunny space -- with its sophisticated but cozy leather banquettes, elegant two- and four-tops, and already-bustling bar -- is ready to be your go-to for after-work drinks. On October 20, its downstairs neighbor, the aptly named Basement Bar, will bring arcade games, live music, and a "food truck" to the address, for your after after-work drinks.

But look at us, yammering on, when we stopped by to snag some photos to do the talking for us. Check out NOLO's and get a behind-the-scenes peek at Basement Bar with the shots below.

NOLO's Kitchen, 515 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis.

Plenty of space at the bar.

This street-side lounge seems poised to become coveted seating.

High-tops, too!

You still have to wait juuuust a little longer for Basement Bar and its brigade of bikes to say hello.

It's lonely now, but Galaga is about to be joined by a slew of other arcade games.

Those tires are intentional. You'll order Basement Bar's bites -- cheese curds, poutine, pizzas, broasted chicken buckets -- through the window of a "food truck."

Jazz, DJ sets, hip-hop -- the Basement Bar crew says you'll be able to catch all kinds of music on this stage.

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