WHOOP! Watch this Ortonville high schooler bust 8 tackles


From left: Future missed tackles, current missed tackles, past missed tackles. YouTube

You miss the Ortonville Trojans hosting the Canby Lancers last Friday?

It's OK. The high school football game was three hours west of the Twin Cities, and who could have anticipated the pyrotechnics produced by Ortonville's Tyson Powell? The junior tailback broke ankles, dropped jaws, and, quite possibly, shattered hearts on a 40-yard touchdown run that left eight -- eight! -- Lancers juked outta their minds. Shout out to the three defenders who figured it wasn't worth it. 

Summon your best Chris Bermanian "WHOOP!" and take a gander: 

My goodness! Young Barry Sanders up in Ortonville. 

Canby wouldn't let one play's worth of comical tackling define them, however. The Lancers went on to defeat the Trojans 20-14. 

Anyways, TGIF. Be sure to shake bad vibes/haters, Tyson Powell-style, all weekend long 😎

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