Well ... at least the Twins drilled that Yankee in the nuts


Thank you for your sacrifice, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez. We feel a tiny, tiny bit better. Twitter

The cosmic indignity of the Minnesota Twins' ineptitude against the New York Yankees mounted Tuesday in the Bronx. 

Following a 3-0 offensive explosion in the first inning, the Twinkies' bats went mostly silent. A stellar Yanks bullpen smothered Minnesota's magic comeback season, while Twins pitchers Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios endured respective shellackings. The one-game Wild Card playoff contest resulted in an 8-4 Yankees victory, plus a worsening case of baseball Groundhog Day.

Tuesday's loss felt preordained. As ace baseball writer Aaron Gleeman detailed for us, the Yankees have absolutely owned the Twins for the past 15 years. Just look at this garbage: 

2003: Lost ALDS to the Yankees (3-1)

2004: Lost ALDS to the Yankees (3-1)

2009: Lost ALDS to the Yankees (3-0)

2010: Lost ALDS to the Yankees (3-0)

And then last night happened. We're left with nothing. Or, almost nothing. It may be cheap; it may be hollow; it may be painful; but the following clip is all we have, Twins fans. 

Sanchez was fine. See ya in 2018.

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