Weirdly enough, Minneapolis must remove snow in the middle of the night


It's always been our practice to remove snow when it inconveniences the least amount of people. Blame the socialist mindset. Jeroen Kransen

Reader Chad Howard responds to What kind of monster does this at 2 a.m.? [Video]:

So, would she rather they close the street at 7 a.m. and do it during morning rush hour so as to not inconvenience her during the night? It snows here in the winter and shockingly snow does have to be removed from the urban core when it least conflicts with the majority of people, thus overnight.

So what other front-loading equipment do you propose they use for cleaning up the snow? Obviously you find the skid steer to be in appropriate?

I suppose I could argue the same as a day sleeper, having to listen to road construction and lawn mowers when trying to sleep during the day so I can work all night.


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