The 'people of color career fair' outrage: Shame on you


When Governor Mark Dayton and Minnesota's largest companies held a career fair for people of color, cries of "get a job" turned to "what about me?" Jedhakuro

Reader Makeda N. Toure responds to Mark Dayton addresses 'people of color career fair,' Facebook freaks out:

A lot of you should truly ask yourselves why you are so offended by people of color asking for spaces for themselves. A place to exist, be comfortable and to be on even ground, because we can't do this in white spaces!

Y'all cry and moan about how 'racist' this is, when you don't even know the definition of racism and the actual constructs that are included in its meaning. You have no idea what it's like to exist and live in a place where you can't succeed no matter what you do or try.

You are literally crying and upset about a career fair... a place for people to go and find employment. "But what about the white people? Why are we being excluded?" This when you have excluded people of color since you stole this land from its indigenous people. How dare you!

We have to exsist daily in your world, and all we want is the space to exist in our own. Your fear of our acheivement is the real problem. You see us trying to do better for ourselves and you are threatened.

There are plenty of places for y'all to go, but you constantly want to be included in ours when that same hand was never extended in the opposite direction. Well no, you can't and you will deal with it.

I don't care if you dissagree with me. Y'all built this system, have been complicit in it since day one, have been okay with only white spaces since day one. Don't act like this is new or shame people for wanting space to exist. You should all be ashamed of yourself. 


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