New Timberwolves jerseys (with Nike, fitbit product placement) are here!


The Minnesota Timberwolves will almost definitely get in their 10,000 steps while wearing these new jerseys on game day.

Any time a sports franchise gets some shiny new iconography, it's going to try selling it as a turning of the page.

It's a whole new them! And therefore, [team name] fans, a new you!

This was somewhat believable when the Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled a new logo this April. The team was young, promising, and... ready to howl at the moon, we suppose. 

Four months later, with the additions of Jimmy Butler (and his cell phone), Jeff Teague, Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford, talk of a new Timberwolves era sounds very real to their fans, and downright frightening to the rest of the NBA. 

When those guys join Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins on the court this fall, they will do so in some new jerseys, which got their online debut Thursday morning. As made clear in photos and a hype video, the team and its jerseys have an affiliation with both Nike and fitbit, which get prominent placement on these special basketball shirts.

Maybe everyone on the team's just all about getting in their 10,000 steps?

Actually, Thursday's release was only one half of the Timberwolves' new wardrobe. The team dropped the "Icon" edition jersey, which spells out "Minnesota" across the front, and (according to press materials) "is symbolic to our rich heritage and separates us from our opponents."

And they showed off the "Association" edition, which "pays homage to the world’s most exclusive basketball club," which we assume is a reference to the NBA, and not how hard it is to get on the Timberwolves.

That still leaves a third and a fourth jersey set, which are said to be "coming soon."

Whatever you think of the new logo and threads now, you'll probably have a positive association pretty soon. The guys wearing them will win a lot more than any Minnesota Timberwolves team has in a long time.

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