Dead, frozen, dressed-up Minneapolis rat is pretty much all of us

If you, personally, don't feel like this cold dead rat, give it a couple weeks.

If you, personally, don't feel like this cold dead rat, give it a couple weeks.

Almost a month ago, Cianna Violet noticed something on her commute so arresting she had to stop and take a picture. 

Violet, 24, was passing by the Broadway Pizza in northeast Minneapolis when she spotted an object on a traffic post on West River Parkway. She pulled over to confirm what she'd seen: a dead rat. 

Violet is by nature a cat person, and isn't a big fan of rodents outside the cute little singing chefs in Ratatoullie. But this extra-chilled one caught her eye, so she snapped a photo to share with her coworkers at a local grain export company, and went about her day as if it were any other.

Cianna Violet

Cianna Violet

Weeks passed, and each day Violet drove past the same spot and saw the same scene: one rat, deceased and frozen solid—or at least very good at faking it—atop a traffic post. She took additional pictures to document its lack of progress, despite its location close to a local animal control office, not to mention numerous businesses.

For what it's worth, Violet doesn't hold its proximity against Broadway Pizza, for which she has "fond loving memories" from when friends worked there in high school. She just thought this rat scene was funny.

On Tuesday, Violet saw things had changed, and in a most fabulous way. Her portrait subject was still there, but someone had... dressed it. 

Violet notes the outfit is "100 percent seasonably appropriate," and digs this dead rat's style.

"I mean the silver backpack is really unbeatable, and the little boots with the fur," she says.

Violet took another photo—surely this late little mammal's new profile pic, if it were 1) into social media, and 2) alive—and uploaded it to a northeast Minneapolis Facebook group, where it's achieved a sudden fame it could never have even understood in life.

Violet admits she's happier to have encountered this furry little thing in this suspended state, saying she'd be "too afraid" to get close to it if it was still moving. 

"I'm sorry it had to die," she says. "But in death it has brought a reason to smile to hundreds."

Reached for comment, a spokesman for the rat confirmed it has been invited on tour as an opening act for Post Malone.