Bob Ivers' candidacy doesn't mean Hopkins is full of racist inbreds, but...


Bob Ivers was hermetically sealed in 1952 Georgia, only to emerge as a candidate for the mayor of Hopkins. YouTube

Reader Tammy Bondhus Morimoto responds to Hopkins mayor candidate: Light rail would bring 'trash' from 'Welfareapolis' [Video]:

Reading the article made me real disappointed in the town of Hopkins, but there are people like him in every town. We can't judge the entire town based on one nutjob who wants to be mayor. It's not like he actually won the election and was chosen by the people of Hopkins to represent them.

On the other hand, if he ever did win the election to be mayor, it would be a sign that Hopkins is turning into a wasteland of white trash bigots.

Let's hope that doesn't happen. What can the city of Hopkins do to keep undesireable elements like Ivers from multipying in their town? 


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