Badass suburban deer hit by car, flips, hit again, gets up, leaves [VIDEO]


Pictured: The precise moment this suburban deer realized this was a bad day. Anoka County Sheriff

An Anoka County sheriff's deputy received medical treatment for injuries after getting bits of broken glass in his eye Wednesday night.

An Anoka County deer, meanwhile, was probably not treated for its injuries after it was hit by one car, sending it airborne and flipping end-over-end... only to come right down on a second car.

That one happened to belong to the aformentioned deputy, whose dashboard camera reported the spectacularly unfortunate moment. If you're a Minnesota driver trying to avoid deer, your odds aren't that great. Ditto for the deer.

But if you're just a cold critter trying to cross the road, and you manage to get hit by two cars in a row, it is just really not your day, deer-wise. 

Somehow, this one lived to tell the tale, assuming they do that. If, like the rest of us, deer happen to get their stories from Twitter, they might've seen this one play out on Anoka County sheriff's spokesman Paul Sommer's account:

Godspeed, you sturdy creature. We'd tell you to seek refuge from this kind of terror out in the woods, but you'd probably just get shot at. 

Please, tell the others about about the headlights. 

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