Rolling Stone loves the shit outta First Ave, Electric Fetus, Paisley Park

Elizabeth Flores; Jim Gehrz; Billy Briggs

Elizabeth Flores; Jim Gehrz; Billy Briggs

Your agonizingly local friends at City Pages routinely shower First Avenue, Electric Fetus, and Paisley Park with praise (see: here; here; here).

Jury's out on whether Rolling Stone is your friend, but this much is certain: The certifiably national (international, even!) magazine just heaped similar plaudits in those three directions.

Thursday's 10 Best Live Music Venues in America listicle included First Ave, the legendary Minneapolis concert venue.  

"With great sightlines, attentive crowds, and bands that are consistently thrilled to be performing on the Mainroom stage, there’s no better venue for hundreds of miles to catch bands at the top of their game," writer Jonathan Bernstein swoons. 

That same day saw the release of RS's 10 Best Record Stores in America listicle, which featured beloved Minneapolis record shop Electric Fetus. 

"It’s a record store that is so cool, it was one of Prince’s favorite local shops," writer Kory Grow glows.

But we ain't done yet, folks. Thursday also brought us the 10 Great American Music Landmarks listicle, complete with a Paisley Park blurb. 

"It’s a remarkable window into the life of an artist who was notoriously good at keeping the public at arm’s length," gushes writer Elias Leight of Prince's studio/venue/compound-turned-museum in Chanhassen.

Were all of these articles "powered by JEEP"? They were. What does that mean? Unclear. 

The key takeaway is obvious, however: Our flyover slice of this great country has been acknowledged by outsiders, and oh baby, what a feeling.

Now go forth into the weekend! Patronize these fine establishments! Buy a JEEP! Take us out with your recent cover of the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love," Phoebe Bridgers!