Generational swag, timeless bluegrass, and pro-wrestling challenges in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Mike Dreams

Mike Dreams YouTube

It’s basically 2020, right?

This is the point in December when people begin to whine about year-end lists coming out, insisting that there are two more weeks left before we can close the polls. But to this I say: It is absolutely imperative that we coast.

Sliding lazily through the final two weeks of the year is a tradition that everyone should gleefully undertake. It’s the right we’ve earned by working all too ambitiously for the first 50 weeks. Take this time to reflect and free yourself from the capitalist prison of incessant production! I, of course, will spend the time providing you with good ol’ local music videos to help make that possible.

Mike Dreams – “Already Wavy”

Who’s wavier than the Young Vet himself, Mike Dreams? The longstanding Minneapolis rapper and promoter released his fifth solo album back in February, and “Already Wavy” is the music of an artist caught between two worlds. “A clear separation has been made between the old and new generations,” Dreams says in an email promoting the single. “While older classic emcees opt for more boom bap and true school styles, newer artists have gravitated toward a more wavy aesthetic.” But Dreams himself easily bridges the gap between young and old.

Buffalo Galaxy – “Time Machine”

Love is like summer—it never lasts as long as you wish it would. In the new song “Time Machine” from local bluegrass band Buffalo Galaxy, a man tries to pick up his life after losing his lover to illness. Singer Johnny Kovarik pines openly for a time machine to fix his broken heart, but the tune is ultimately a tragedy of acceptance. “Time Machine” was shot at Wild Sound Studios in Minneapolis, and the video was shot by Kevin Noonan and Spencer Knott of North119 Productions.

BDaMan – “Alive”

Ric Flair said, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” Now Speed of Sound rapper BDaMan would like to extend the same challenge to the Twin Cities hip-hop scene. Think you should be the champ? Well, you gotta outdo the performance BDaMan puts in here. “Alive” is the boisterous rapper at his best, feelin’ great and rapping like he’s got 10 pounds of gold wrapped around his waist. Jeff Peck directs the video, in which B brings his Becky Lynch bravado out into the streets.

Maple & Beech – “Under My Nose” (lyric video)

Maple & Beech’s Tyler Tholl calls “Under My Nose” “lyrically the heart” of the band’s self-titled record, and so naturally the song lent itself to a lyric video. A jarring, seemingly random collection of images is overlaid with the song’s sparse lines, but look a little closer and you’ll see that this actually compiles all of Maple & Beech’s previous music videos. Despite the rising cacophony and jump-cuts, there’s a unity that is only made clear once you understand this piece as their record’s backbone. Maple & Beech play January 3 at Icehouse with D Mills & the Thrills.

Carrellee – “Like It Matters”

We won’t discriminate against Carrellee for living in Wisconsin, because the former Minneapolis musician came back to the homeland to create her new video for “Like It Matters.” Not only did she employ local Greyduck Productions to film the video, it was also shot in the Twin Cities, where Carrellee once performed under the name Sarah Pray. “Like It Matters” heralds the singer’s new identity as Carrellee, along with a re-debut album due out on February 15.

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