Trylon Cinema Leila Navidi


Up All Night

Nov. 29
9 p.m.

Under ordinary circumstances, binging five feature-length films in a single setting wouldn’t be considered a healthy choice. But Trylon Cinema’s Up All Night is special. Commencing at 9 p.m. and continuing until daybreak, the nocturnal event offers the like-minded company of fellow movie enthusiasts enjoying a gloriously gluttonous exhibition of cinema. Though the Trylon is keeping the movie selections a surprise (described only as a five-film lineup containing such genres as comedy, adventure, exploitation, and romance), this locally revered home to repertory cinema has more than earned the trust of its audience. Attendees need only be prepared to expect the unexpected, as these cinematic curators demonstrate their knack for programming that encompasses celebrated classics and underappreciated gems. Experiencing such eclectic cinema with an enthusiastic crowd embodies the core mission of the Trylon while validating its status as an essential destination. As for healthy practices, just remember to stretch between screenings.