Best Of

World Street Kitchen

The brick-and-mortar version of Sameh Wadi’s fabulous food truck, Uptown’s World Street Kitchen is the king of global mash-ups like creamy Thai red curry wrapped in a burrito; a Moroccan-inspired fried chicken sandwich on a flaky biscuit spread with tangy feta cheese; and saucy, spicy Korean bibimbap bowls with braised short ribs, crispy veggies, and the ever-present but very necessary fried egg. The restaurant has casual counter service so it’s a quick, convenient option to stay or to go, even at the bustling lunch hour. If you have a little more time to linger, enjoy a sparkly, sake-based cocktail like the one they make with mango juice, garam masala spices, hot chilies, and a spritz of lime. Dropping by late and don’t want to skip a beat of your party-hard night? They also keep 40 oz. bottles of Miller High Life on ice up front.