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Masu Sushi & Robata

The busy design of Masu Sushi & Robata--bright geisha imagery, stacked up sake barrels, cartoon-like Munny dolls, and even a mini pachinko parlor--replicates the energetic rush of urban Japanese culture. But the restaurant's concept is actually much simpler than its flamboyant decor: join several powerful culinary forces to create the state's most comprehensive Japanese restaurant. Masu is the first restaurant in the area to offer sustainably sourced sushi, so instead of the typical bluefin tuna or yellowtail, the kitchen offers several fish less seen on sushi menus but well worth discovering, including sardines, arctic char, and striped bass prepared like freshwater eel, dubbed "faux-nagi." The restaurant also serves four types of noodles, prepared 14 ways, plus six teishoku options and nearly 30 different robata. You can create an entire meal of dishes you'd be hard pressed to find at other local Japanese joints: sautéed shishito peppers, Ja-Ja-Men udon noodles that combine spicy eggplant and ground pork, the Japanese-style, Wa-Fu hamburger smothered in umami-rich dashi gravy, and a gin-and-pickled-watermelon cocktail. Enjoi!