Best Of

Lucia's Restaurant and Wine Bar

The budget-friendly kid sister to one of the most esteemed fine-dining restaurants in Minnesota, Lucia's Bakery and Take Home is just what it sounds like: a place to get chef Lucia Watson's particular take on locally raised comfort foods, to take out. The counter-service restaurant has a dozen tables, and good, very inexpensive wines by the glass for those fortunate enough to score one of those precious seats. The treats for eating in or taking out are nigh innumerable: breads both crusty and tender, delicious little desserts, new-every-day soups, ever-changing salads. There are whole pies for celebrations, and more elaborate takeout specialties during holidays. Finally, they make trays of bars and cookies. If you don't have time to make it yourself, surely the next best thing is to bring in something from one of the most esteemed restaurants in the Midwest.