Let's pretend it's really spring and shop the season's trends



Spring is almost here and the snow is melting quickly. That means it’s time to talk trends. What’s big for spring 2018? These are a few of the things you want to add to your closet ASAP.

The slip dress.
The '90s mainstay has been around for awhile and it shows no signs of heading back into the archives of your closet. Come summer, it's practically all you'll want to wear, because a slip dress always looks great, whether you're heading to the beach with flip-flops and no bra (a huge perk) or to a wedding with strappy heels and a sleek blowout. Basically everyone is selling some version of the slip dress so take your pick and have fun styling it. (One great way to wear one in the in-between months is with Spanx’s genius arm tights, a stretchy crop-top thing made of pantyhose material that doesn't compress your arms and hurt. They're great for layering under all sorts of items. Trust me, they rule!



The trench coat.
Every few springs, the trench coat makes a triumphant return to the "trendy" side of style. This is one of those springs. Fashion lines like Celine and Chloe showed trenches on their runways in classic khaki, but they're also great in pastels. This pastel pink trench from Mille in south Minneapolis is a dream. Which brings us to our next must-have ...

Something pastel.
You need to give in to your sugar craving and load up on butter yellow, lilac, sky blue, pastel pink, and mint green. Pretend you're an Easter M&M and you will look so chic. Candy is your inspiration for spring 2018, and even mall stores are jumping on it. Check out the lavender suit at Banana Republic, or some chic-as-hell lilac sandals from the Spanish line About Arianne at Hazel & Rose. Pair them with a red Target dress (what up, Who What Wear) or a tan suit.


June Resale

If you haven’t noticed, logos are back in a big way. Just don’t buy fake ones... or, go ahead and buy fake ones, just make sure you don't make them look more fake. The Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Prada logos are back. Make like my mom and me and head to June Resale for the best designer pieces at incredible prices.

Something sheer.
It’s really too bad American Apparel closed its stores, because they were perfect for this trend. Wear a sheer bodysuit under a jacket for a sexy spin on the suit, or upgrade your workout wear to something with a mesh panel. You can do whatever you want with the sheer trend, although you probably don’t want to show up to your corporate job with your nipples out. So keep that in mind.


Double Peace Studio

And if you’re in the mood to shop…
Check out the Maiden, Mother, Crone Spring Vintage Sale hosted by local vintage vendors Double Peace Studio and Noisy Eye Vintage. They describe their concept for the event as “inspired by different kinds of magic as they correspond to the three iconic energies: Maiden (crystals, color magic), Mother (candle magic, herbal/kitchen witchery), Crone (divination, astral projection.)” If you bring in gently-used workwear, they’ll give you 10% off your purchase and donate your offerings to Harriet’s Closet, an organization that helps people in need shape a new life for themselves and their families. (Saturday, March 17, 1-6 p.m. Seen the Future, 2223 E. 35th St., Minneapolis.)





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