Duluth Pack unveils 'conceal and carry' gun bag, Twitter not impressed


Duluth Pack sells stylish, American-made products, some of which are marketed at people who think their lives are in danger.

Duluth Pack's new "Conceal & Carry Field Satchel" measures 10 inches by 14 inches by five inches. 

This question has already come up twice on the product's listing on the Duluth Pack website, and the company has dutifully answered it both times. It's an easy one. Far less thorny than the ones it's getting on Twitter and by email, which go more along the lines of: Why are you marketing a bag specifically to people trying to hide a gun from the general public?   

Tuesday morning, Duluth Pack tweeted excitedly about this new offering, illustrating its launch with a photo of a model gripping a gun which rests perfectly, comfortably, stylishly, just inside the designated pistol pocket. 

The accompanying text only rubbed in the Second Amendment statement made by the bag.

Duluth Pack's online listing provides many more details about the hey-bring-your-gun-bag, which retails for $225, and comes in more than a dozen color options. 

The satchel's built to satisfy both right-handed and left-handed people, provided they have a feeling they might shoot someone today. The conceal-carry pocket comes with a zipper, which serves the dual purposes of safety and really hammering home the Freudian thing. 

The ad says the bag has a "spacious main compartment," though it doesn't specify how many bullets would fit in there, just in case things get dicey.

"Leather flap strap and high-quality roller buckle keep your load safe and secure," it continues, and for a moment there we thought we'd accidentally started reading Savage Love

Duluth Pack, which also makes nice backpacks for campers and hikers, has long sold hunting and outdoors accessories, which of course included handguns. (Do you want your hunting party to get eaten by a bear, or a very large fish?) And though new, "conceal and carry satchel" is actually one of a handful of items labeled as such on its website, though it's unclear if past marketing of these products has been so overtly political. 

Reached for questions about the bag, Duluth Pack declined to comment. Know who almost never declines to comment? Twitter. See the reaction this ad got below. 






The Duluth Pack conceal and carry satchel is made exclusively in America and guaranteed to last your whole lifetime. Just like this country's hard-on for handguns.


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