Detailed graphic map of Minneapolis features landmarks past and present

Burlesque of North America

Burlesque of North America

Miss the Metrodome? 

No? Yeah, well, who does? 

Yet some Minneapolis residents might have a nostalgiac association with the since-deflated/imploded sportsball structure. And surely, plenty of people have fond memories of Nye's Polonnaise Room bar.

Still others are looking forward to the day the K Mart on Nicollet Avenue and Lake Street exists only in memory. 

These landmarks and many, many, more made the cut for a new graphic map of Minneapolis created by artist Mike Davis, who spent three years researching and constructing a cityscape littered with recognizable features. 

The city's southside features the Greenway Bike Trail, replete with tiny little biking figures; downtown's got First Avenue and the Foshay Tower; the southeast has Riverside Plaza towers and the Love Power Church, with its unmistakable Jesus mural; south Minneapolis labels the CC Club, Hum's Liquor, Red Dragon... even that one White Castle on Lake Street!

Davis, whose previous grahpics work includes projects for the Target, Minnesota Public Radio, and the Rhymesayers hip-hop label, grew up fascinated with maps, and decided to take on the Minneapolis project after living in the city for "a third of his life."

Admittedly, the map's not geographically perfect: Almost every street has been removed to make room for buildings and other landmarks; some buildings have been turned 90 or 180 degrees so they're front-facing, and more identifiable.

Still, this is a pretty impressive piece of work, and a must-have for any city dweller who wants a map on their wall that not only represents where they live, but constantly makes them think: "Hey, look at that building, I've been there! I know that building!" 

Or knew it, anyway.