Buy this 'Ghostbusters' car from Stillwater on Craigslist

Imagine it: The villainous EPA's on your tail, Slimer's ridin' shotgun, and you're living the "Ghostbusters" dream.

Imagine it: The villainous EPA's on your tail, Slimer's ridin' shotgun, and you're living the "Ghostbusters" dream. Dave; Craigslist

Who ya gonna call to buy this badass Ghostbusters car from Stillwater? 

You're gonna call Dave. Actually, he'd prefer you text. 

So instructs the Craiglist ad for this 1991 Chevrolet Caprice. Unlike most '91 Caprices, Dave's is styled like the Ecto-1 vehicle featured in both Ghostbusters films from the '80s. Drawing a blank? Let's get the gist from Ghostbusters Wiki

"The Ecto-1 was the vehicle that the Ghostbusters used to travel throughout New York City busting ghosts and other entities."

Yeah, that one! 

Dave's not selling you the canonical Caddy, however. He purchased this Caprice replica about six months ago, put some work into it, had some fun, and now he's ready to sell. Here's Dave: 

"Halloween is almost here and this is the perfect addition/prop for your Ghostbuster party, this car is definitely unique and gets lots of looks. Park it as a prop or fix it or part it out or demolition derby it, the possibilities are endless." 

The $950 station wagon features a V8 engine, new front brakes and battery, under-body LED lights, and a clean title. Plus it's "generally awesome." Dave is up front about its many deficiencies, including the brakes, tires, unknown millage, and phantom third gear. "Lots of stuff doesn't work or is generally sketchy," the ad points out.

But hey, Ghostbusters fucking rules, as does this car, which absolutely comes with ghost-busting rooftop accessories. The '92 Chevy Caprice has a $1,200-ish Kelly Blue Book value, so it's a pretty solid deal (KBB doesn't go back to '91). It's also a piece of local Ghostbusters lore. After this blog was published, reader Jason Skoby sent us a note saying he built the car 15 years ago, and it was featured in his Twin Cities-set webseries parody, Ghostbustin' 911 (so was original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson!).

We texted Dave for additional deets, but he's yet to respond. Anway, check out these COOL PIX: 

Kickass. Take us out, Ray Parker Jr.!