Avoid holiday hell with these pre-season shopping events and ideas


Hunt & Gather

You know what really sucks? Rushing around like crazy trying to pick out gifts a day before you head home for a big cup of cheer. What to get Mom? What about your niece? Did you forget your sister’s boyfriend? Yeah, it’s stressful.

Therefore, you should get a majority of your shopping done before things get super busy… and before you blow your paycheck during Cyber Week buying things for yourself. (It happens.)

Ready to shop smart? Great.

For Mom
If your mom loves nothing more -- besides spending time with her kids, obviously -- than wandering around an antique store scouring its shelves for treasures, then get thee to 50th & Xerxes this weekend for a Shop & Stroll event. There are a few rad antique stores on that legendary corner. The famous Hunt & Gather is a big one to hit up, of course, but Loft Antiques, Clarabel, and Mustard Moon both have rooms upon rooms of amazing finds, too. The best part? You get 20-percent off at participating stores! Fri. through Sun. Find more deets here.



For Your BFF’s Kiddos
Does your bestie have a few little kids? Lucky! The holidays are so much more fun when there are kids around. I’m obsessed with this adorable Advent calendar from Pacifier; it’s not offensive to the eyes in the slightest, and it gets the kids pumped about the impending holiday. Hide a few cute little treats in it as they count down the days.



For Your Partner’s Mom
Um, hello, have you been in Target lately? Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper have a shiplap-free, surprisingly awesome home goods line there right now, and everything from dishware to candles to linens to Christmas stockings is perfect for the HGTV-lover in your life in a chic dark green, black, and charcoal palette. You’re already going to Target anyway this weekend, right?


A Mano

For Your Cubiclemates
What do you do at work? DRINK COFFEE! Give your closest coworkers handcrafted cups from A Mano and stopping at the drinking fountain or coffeepot will be a lot more fun. Plus, wouldn’t these brighten up a desk in the cutest way?


Askov Finlayson

For Your Little Brother
If your bro doesn’t have a “North” hat, does he even live in Minnesota? If the answer is "nope," check out Askov Finlayson's expanded hat line, which include beanies and baseball caps. The “Keep the North Cold” logo will remind your sibling of his home state even, if he’s moved away from the family.


Still Kickin'

For Your Most Charitable Friend
If one of your nearest and dearest loves is working to make the world a better place, then look no further than a gift from Still Kickin. This local nonprofit is dedicated to helping people going through hard times financially during an illness just set up shop at the Mall of America. Each month, a new “hero” is chosen, and proceeds go to supporting them. Done and done — isn’t that what the holidays are about?

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