4 TV shows worth binge-watching this season

L-R: Andrea Martin on 'Difficult People,' Natasha Rothwell on 'Insecure,' Kaitlin Olson on 'The Mick,' and Amy Sedaris on 'Bojack Horseman.'

L-R: Andrea Martin on 'Difficult People,' Natasha Rothwell on 'Insecure,' Kaitlin Olson on 'The Mick,' and Amy Sedaris on 'Bojack Horseman.'

As TV gets bigger -- offering more and more channels, streaming services, and shows than ever -- there's a bunch of little things that have been given room to exist, but can get lost in all the stuff. The following is a roundup of "small" comedies and comedians worth seeking out and investing in.

The Mick (Fox) / Kaitlin Olson

Mick, short for Mickey, is the best raunchy character on TV. Kaitlin Olson is one of the few who can balance sheer idiocy with slight competence and self serving impulse curbed by a general good will. The Mick is only in its second season. It is most definitely worth the 17-episode binge catch-up.

While Mick is a character similar to Dee, who Olson plays on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mick is much more assertive and far less patient. Olson makes the Mick a classic comedic figure, transcending that "raunchy woman of comedy" conversation that in this era is embarrassing, really.

Bojak Horseman (Netflix) / Amy Sedaris

This plot-driven animated show is now four seasons deep. The catch-up might be a haul, but the show is so twisted and honest that taking the time to delve into its truly unique world will pay off.

Will Arnett kills it as Bojack, but the revelation is how much the real world misses out on Amy Sedaris. She's funny in Bojack, but she is also sincere and earnest. Her range is really showcased here.

Sedaris’ bit characters -- which include a divorcee on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a real-estate agent on Broad City, and tour guide on Difficult People -- are bonkers. Her exaggerated, wildly goofy portrayals are incredibly funny.

Sedaris’ small roles takes delightful turns that inhale a scene. And then she’s gone. She is incredibly worth checking out and she needs her own shit asap.

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin needs a showcase. In Difficult People (Hulu), she plays an overbearing psychiatrist mother who makes endearing overbearingness spitefully funny.

Martin consistently steals scenes, raising the question of where the hell we can see more of her.

Natasha Rothwell

Insecure is doing it right now. The first season is very funny, only eight episodes, and very much worth watching. As good as it is, the second season blows it out of the water. And a big part of that is second-season regular Rothwell.

In interviews, the cast members rave about her improvisational skills. They tend to bring this up because it's hard not to notice Rothwell stealing scene after scene with outrageous one liner jokes the production has to keep in.

She's developing a show for HBO, and you can also catch her on Netflix's The Characters